The first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist.





Named after Ada Lovelace, the first female computer programmer, Ai-Da the robot is the brainchild of gallery director Aidan Meller. She has been designed and built by the Cornish robotics company Engineered Arts, and her drawing abilities have been created and developed by students at the University of Leeds. Ai-Da is the first ultra-realistic humanoid AI robot artist in the world – watch this space to see her sketches and her roles in performance art.

Aidan Meller:

Aidan Meller is a specialist in modern and contemporary art and runs a gallery from Oxford and London. With over 20 years experience in the art business, he works closely with private collectors who wish to begin or further their collections. His no-nonsense style cuts through art jargon, allowing him to bring his love of modern and contemporary art to a wider audience.

Aidan is the brainchild of Ai-Da, working with a whole team of people to bring this exhibition about.


The exhibition consists of artworks from various collaborations. We prefer to use the term ‘contributors’, rather than ‘artists’, because in the diverse group of people we’ve worked with, (including designers, technicians, and researchers) many would not refer to themselves as an artist. Some (but not all) of the contributors include Engineered Arts, a robotics company in Cornwall, students from Leeds University and the University of Oxford, and professionals at Goldsmiths. We are proud to be working with some many skilled individuals, and to give full accreditation to all the hard work involved.

Artwork enquiries:

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